Posted on: 9 November 2012

13th -14th c.
Wood with traces of pigment
Height: 41.5 in.

Source: Nancy Wiener Gallery Inc.

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thr one stone statue in Patna Museum too

Another famous stone statue of Salabhajika of Grayaspur is in Gwalior Museum

absolutely beautiful

You find them in Hoysala temples too.

Wow! Amazing art work-A genuine reminder of magnificient Hindu artistry, destroyed and hijacked by the militant forces from west...

you can find a beautiful example of Salbhanjika on the either side of eastern and northern gateways at Sanchi..... In Bhuddhacharita of Asvaghosha the poet compares pretty ladies who bend over the window sills to watch bridal procession to the damsel gracefully flexed under the flower-laden sal tree: avalambya gavakshaparsvam anya rachita torana-salbanjika.

Its a classical motif in Indian art...and the name Salbhanjika actually refers to an ancient girl's game of picking of flowers from Sal and Asoka trees for weaving into garlands ...but later became a strictly figurative term....mainly after it was incorporated in Bharhut and Sanchi stupas.

Hoysala Shilabalika show more details.

Mita Chakravorty then it is sal+bhanjika.


De toute beauté! Magnifique!