Posted on: 8 November 2012

Shiva Nataraja - 11th century

Shiva is depicted here as Nataraja (Lord of the Dance), standing in a ring of fire in the anandatandava position. He is both the creator and destroyer of the world. He is standing on a dwarf, symbolising ignorance. Richly decorated bronze statues of Hindu gods like this are carried in processions during festivals. Rings at the side of the base are for the supporting sticks.

Source: Rijksmuseum

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beautiful .. thx!

Chola period bronzes are regarded as some of the finest examples of metalwork from India. Among these, the Shiva Nataraja is the most well known, well studied and well regarded, and also the most sought after by collectors. The iconography and aesthetics of these Shiva Nataraja figures are thought to be quite deep and several art historians have their own interpretations. A truly fascinating study of art history and aesthetics!

Every Indian house, must have one of these -- if it does not already.

Please don't miss his right leg and his right arm going parallel to each other. Even though he standing on left foot, with the angle of his right foot and the right arm, he is maintaining balance. Amazing sculptor he/she must have been.....

HE is mesmerizing!!

How Beautiful

our glorious past!

wonder whether there are craftsmen who can make similar ones.

awesome work.

thx 4 sharing <3


Lovely, when the meaning is disclosed I appreciate more.