Posted on: 5 August 2012

The waterfall at Courtallum in the Tinnevelly district - 1804

Plate 3 from the fourth set of Thomas and William Daniell's 'Oriental Scenery,' which they called 'Twenty-four Landscapes.' The views progress northwards from the far south at Cape Comorin to Srinagar in Garhwal in the Himalaya mountains. The site of Kuttalam takes its name from the Kuttalanatha shrine, a small temple when the Daniells visited it, which has become a site overcrowded with pilgrims and visitors. The natural setting of this cascade, falling on the shiny rocks, represented a very captivating and picturesque site for the artists.

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200 years down the falls havnt changed much :)

This is worth reading:

But the appearance of the falls has indeed changed in the 200 years. This spacious view is impossible today. It is an extremely crowded place today.

Been there when I was a child...

This is not a original photo.. just drawing...

namba mudiyala boss

ya photograpix good but 200 year malla rompa perusa aaeruci ella