Posted on: 3 August 2012

Digital Rare Book:
THE INDIAN CALENDAR - With tables for the conversion of Hindu and Muhammadan into A.D. dates, and vice versa
By Robert Sewell and Sankara B‚lkrishna DÓkshit
With tables of eclipses visible in India, by Dr. Robert Schram.
Published by Swan Sonnenschein & Co., Ltd., London - 1896

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Robert Sewell was better known for his extensive research on the kingdom of Vijayanagar. His book is available at


"A Forgotten Empire" - Sewell's masterpiece.

Esta serie es maravillosa. Seguro que conoces algo.

Sewell's work is an exhaustive one on Vijayanagar and which is often cited by historians. It has his personal eye-witness narration and a must read for all those interested in Vijayanagar history.

A pdf scanned copy of the Vidyanagar book including the maps etc is available for free download from google books. Hint: only the chrome browser seems to work properly these days at google sites.;+A+Contribution+to+the+History+of+India+by+Robert+Sewell&hl=en&sa=X&ei=g94bULGlKObk0QH2vICACg&ved=0CDQQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=A%20Forgotten%20Empire%3A%20Vijayanagar%3B%20A%20Contribution%20to%20the%20History%20of%20India%20by%20Robert%20Sewell&f=false

BTW, for those unfamiliar with google books, if you want to download the book, do not click on the red rectangle saying "e book free", but just hover the curser over it and you will see an option to download a pdf.

Worm Instool, no option for download :(