Posted on: 6 July 2012

Digital Rare Book:
The Seven Cities of Delhi
By Gordon Risley Hearn
Published by W. Thacker & Co., London - 1906

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Tombs near Delhi
19th century
Watercolor on paper
H: 20.5 W: 30.9 cm
Copyright © Smithsonian Institution

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Wow. Looks very interesting. Would have bought the book if I hadent seen the pdf version. Might still, if I like the pdf version. There is no substitute to holding a book in your hands and reading it.

I have this book, the maps and illustrations and photos are all pretty good. The writing though is....peppered with prejudice at best :D Worth one read and many many flipping-throughs for the illustrations.

This is no more near Delhi, but very much part of South Delhi... Bijaymandal fort, Begumpur mosque near IIT