Posted on: 6 December 2011

Muharram festival procession in Baroda - 1880

Photograph of a Muharram procession in Baroda (Vadodara) from the 'Album of portraits and views in Baroda' taken by an unknown photographer in c. 1880. The festival commemorates the popular saint Imam Husain, the Prophet Muhammad’s grandson and the spiritual leader of the Shias. He was martyred in 61 AH/680 AD in Karbala. It is celebrated with lavishly decorated tazivas (bamboo and paper replicas of the martyr’s tomb) which are carried through the streets of the city. Mourners beat their breasts accompanied by musicians, dancers and wrestlers who enact scenes depicting the battle at Karbala, when Imam Husain was martyred.

Source : British Library

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this is just brilliant !!!!

great photograph...

is it Rao Pura road??

seems wadi road


that hazy section is people moving around i guess! Those days the photographic flims were slow speed so required a long exposure and so any moving objects wud be captured as blurry.

chhan medha1 old is gold!!!

Wonderful !!! Extraordinarry Photograph .....

its more than photograph i think its our Indian cultural heritage...

Not much seems to have changed in Vadodara's processions.Neither has this street in the last 136 yrs.

which part of Vadodara......

wow . maru vadodaru vahalu vadodaru .