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 4 Aug 2012 Rare Paintings
Ellora: Kailasa rock temple panel from the south side of the shrine (left), Door in the third storey in the south side of the court in Kailasa (right) - 1876

Illustrations of a panel and doorway from Kailasanatha [Kailasa] Temple, cave XVI at Ellora from James Burgess' 'Original Drawings [of] ... Read More
 4 Aug 2012 Rare Paintings
'Jagannatha Sabha, Indra Sabha'. Engravings by Thomas Daniell after James Wales from (Plans of) Hindoo Excavations in the mountain of Ellora, published Thomas Daniell, London, 1803

Ellora is well-known for its series of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain cave temples excavated into the rocky façade of a... Read More
 4 Aug 2012 Rare Paintings
Jagannatha Sabha - 1803

Plate 4 of 'Hindoo Excavations in the Mountain of Ellora near Aurangabad,' engraved by Thomas Daniell after the drawings of his deceased friend James Wales, which Daniell regarded as the sixth set of his 'Oriental Scenery.' Jagannatha Sabha is one of a group of five Jai... Read More
 4 Aug 2012 Rare Photographs
Jagannath Sabha (Façade of Jain Cave XXXIII), Ellora - 1875

Photograph of the façade of Cave XXXIII, Jagannatha Sabha, at Ellora in Maharashtra, taken by Henry Cousens in the 1870s. Ellora is renowned for its series of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain cave temples excavated into the face of a basalt c... Read More
 2 Aug 2012 Rare Photographs
General view of Aai Bhavani Temple, looking towards Kanheri Fort in the distance, Khandesh District, Maharashtra - 1885

Photograph of Aai Bhavani Temple at Khandesh District, taken by Henry Cousens in the 1880s, from the Archaeological Survey of India Collections. Henry Cousens writes in "Revis... Read More
 2 Aug 2012 Rare Photographs
Gateway at Ujjain - 1869

Photograph of a gateway in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, taken by George Edward Herne in 1869. This view looks along a street towards the gateway, which was supposed to have been built by the legendary ruler Vikramaditya, with Indians and a European posed in the foreground. ... Read More
 21 Jun 2012 Rare Photographs
Jaina temple, Chittanur, Singavaram, South Arcot District - 1894

Photograph of the Jain temple at Chittamur from the 'Archaeological Survey of India Collections: Madras, 1894-95'. Chittamur is situated several kilometres east of Gingee in Tamil Nadu. This is a view from an elevated position ou... Read More
 25 Sep 2010 Rare Paintings
The Great Pagoda, Tanjore -1798

Plate 24 from the second set of Thomas and William Daniell's 'Oriental Scenery'. The Brihadishvara Temple of Thanjavur was patronised by Rajaraja I of the Chola dynasty around AD 1000-10 and is one of the greatest architectural achievements of South India. The t... Read More
 25 Sep 2010 Rare Photographs
The great Pagoda at Tanjore with corridor on the northern side - 1869

Photograph of the Great Pagoda of the Brihadishvara Temple at Tanjore, taken by Samuel Bourne in 1869. The Brihadishvara Temple built by the Chola king Rajaraja around 1010, is a monumental temple standing in the middle of a... Read More
 11 Feb 2010 Rare Photographs
Jhansi Fort - 1882.
Photograph of the Fort of Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh, from the Lee-Warner Collection: 'Scenes and Sculptures of Central India, Photographed by Lala Deen Diyal, Indore.', taken by Deen Dayal in 1882. The fort of Jhansi was built under the rule of Raja Bir Singh Deo (1605-27) of O... Read More