29 Apr 2013 Artefacts

A terracotta sealing bearing an impression of a dharmacakra ('wheel of the law') flanked by two deer and above a three-line inscribed Buddhist Creed.

Inscription Script: Nāgarī (early)
Inscription Language: Sanskrit
Inscription Translation: "[seal] of the noble community of monks at t... Read More
 29 Apr 2013 Artefacts
BAKHTIYAR KHALJI inaugurated Muslim rule in Bengal by conquering its northwestern part in early 1205 AD. A native of Garamsir (modern Dasht-i-Marg) in northern Afghanistan, Ikhtiyaruddin Muhammad Bakhtiyar Khalji belonged to the Khalj tribe of the Turks. He entreated Muhammad Ghuri at Ghazni to ... Read More
 29 Apr 2013 Artefacts
Replica of the seal of Nalanda University set in terracotta on display in the ASI Museum in Nalanda.

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 6 Mar 2013 Artefacts
Sword, Indore, ca. 1800

Sword with metal hilt entirely covered with sheet gold and set with rubies, emeralds and diamonds; the curved watered steel blade polished bright; gold overlaid parasol on one side of the blade beneath the hilt.

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 3 Mar 2013 Artefacts
Tiger-claw horse's neck band, 1830 (c).

This beautiful neck band was worn by the horse of Colonel James Skinner. Skinner was born in 1778 in Calcutta, India. His father was a Scottish officer in the Bengal Army of the East India Company. His mother was a Rajput lady. In 1803, Skinner raised a ... Read More
 16 Feb 2013 Artefacts
Portable shrine of Vishnu as Venkateshwara
Tirupati, late 18th century - early 19th century

Portable shrines of this kind were used by travelling priests who narrated the stories of Vishnu and his incarnations. The shrine has extendable folding doors painted with scenes of Vishnu in his vario... Read More
 13 Nov 2012 Artefacts
The mystery of Bahadur Shah’s crown
By K.R.N. Swamy
Tribune India - June 2000

As he fled from the Red Fort at Delhi, as its capture by the Birtish became imminent on September 14, 1857, Bahadur Shah the last Mughal Emperor, carried with him his most precious treasure: a box containing three be... Read More
 12 Nov 2012 Artefacts
Ongoing exhibition at the British Library, London:
Enter the world of the Mughals, one of the world's great dynasties, in our new major exhibition.

At its peak, the Mughal Empire stretched from Kabul in the northwest and covered most of the South Asian subcontinent. This exhibition is the first ... Read More
 1 Jul 2011 Artefacts
The 'Timur Ruby' necklace
Spinels, diamonds, gold, enamel
50 cm long

The spinels from the Lahore Treasury, 1849; presented to Queen Victoria by the Directors of the East India Company, 1851; the necklace made for Queen Victoria, 1853 (£220 5s. and £131 17s. 6d.; Garrards Royal Ledger, f. ... Read More
 10 Feb 2010 Artefacts
Tippoo's Tiger.
'Better to live a day as a tiger than a lifetime as a sheep' - Tipu Sultan
The Tiger comes to London
'Tippoo's Tiger' is an awesome, life-size beast of carved and painted wood, seen in the act of devouring a prostrate European in the costume of the 1790s. It has cast a spell ov... Read More
 10 Feb 2010 Artefacts
• Cricket was first played in India in 1721 by the officers and men of an English ship. The game became popular in all the Company’s Presidencies and the Calcutta Cricket Club was founded in 1792.
• Some women travelled out on the East Indiamen to find a husban... Read More
 2 Nov 2009 Artefacts
True book collecting is distinct from casual book ownership and the accumulation of books for reading.Book collecting is the collecting of books, including seeking, locating, acquiring, organizing, cataloging, displaying, storing, and maintaining whatever books are of interest to a given individu... Read More